Camping on Glen Lyon

Camping on Glen Lyon

Glen Lyon Farm provides the ultimate outdoor venue for camping enthusiasts. From a grassy campsite flanked by towering sandstone outcrops to a completely cave-sheltered campsite with the most unique view of the Wartrail countryside.

Campsites are suitable for all ages, though some walking uphill is necessary. Trust us…the view will be appreciated.

Lyons Pride and Lyons Den are our two very distinctive campsites, both offering natural surroundings, generous space and a cosy fireplace.

Frosty Peaks eagerly await the opening of two new campsites for our valued guests. We’re extremely excited as these new additional sites promise to impress and amaze. Keep visiting our website for updates.

All our campsites offer zero wifi or cellphone reception, so say goodbye to Instagram and the office for your duration of stay.

Enjoy sheltered camping in Wartrail, Barkly East

Lyons Pride Campsite

Lyons Pride is the ideal campsite for those seeking some quiet, space and the added bit of adventure.

The views are spectacular and the site itself is nestled between large sandstone outcrops where kids and adults alike can explore, unwind and ‘escape’ their otherwise busy lives.

Thank you for sharing your special part of South Africa with us Peter & Kim.
Homer and I cannot wait to return!
Marge Simpson
Avid outdoor enthusiast

Lyons Den Campsite

Lyons Den is not your average campsite. With a rocky ceiling above you and an equally solid base beneath you, you’re sure to feel well grounded and covered from the elements.

Guests have the option of pitching their tents within the cave or simply rest easy under the overhang. Wake up to the morning sunrise shining through into the cave and enjoy a delicious breakfast at the mouth of the cave looking out over this beautiful landscape.