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Highland Hiking

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For Tailor-made Hiking Tours

Join us as we create tailor-made hiking tours for you and your group of hikers.
The hikes will be suited to your strengths, fitness and general interest; whether it be the grasses, birding, bushman paintings, swimming in rivers and streams, hiking the peaks or all of the above.

Let us guide you, feed you and show you around our wonderful home, Wartrail.

Accommodation may either be in caves and campsites or will be in a warm, picturesque home.
Fully equipped with linen, hot showers and comfortable beds. Hikers can either relax inside by the fire or outside on the veranda overlooking the  resident wildlife.

All meals may be arranged according to the groups wants and needs; either self-catering or fully catered options. 

The costs will vary depending on the groups tailored tour. How many days, duration of hikes etc.

Let us work together to create something Unique and memorable for you and your group. 


Group bookings

Guests must book as a complete group at a minimum of 3 Hikers per group.

Duration of stay

A Minimum of 2 nights stay for group bookings.

First Aid

Each Hiking Group must provide their own medical aid kit that they carry with them at all times.

The Terrain

High Altitude hiking with the highest peak sitting around 2800m.

Guests will hike along cattle paths, up mountains, down valleys. Crossing over fences and river streams. Exploring Caves, forests, natural sandstone features and much much more.

Guests must come prepared with all their own hiking equipment; poles, shoes, hats, sunblock, water packs etc.

The Summer weather in the area can be very unpredictable, ranging from 35 degree celcius to negative temperatures in the evenings. Please all come prepared. Afternoon thundershowers are prevalent. Winter in our Area is very cold and evenings are known to get up to -13 degrees. The days will be sunny and cool with maximum temperatures reaching 12 degrees (but not always).

The days are however beautifully crisp and clear making for great hiking conditions. Water on the mountain slopes will however be limited so water packs will be essential in winter.